Designing Cheap Phone Sex Websites

I have the sweetest job. I am a web developer and I design cheap phone sex sites.  I have been designing and marketing websites for customers for nearly twenty years now, and whilst nothing in this statement makes my job any sweeter than any other developer out there, here is why I love my job.

Back in the mid 2000, just as I thought my life as a web developer had reached a plateau, I got a phone call from a lady who’s voice was so sexy I thought I’d just died and woken up in heaven. You can say it was an awakening of some sorts because it brought into the fore a part of my sexuality that I had known was there but had never acted upon and not only had I never been driven to “melt” at the sight of another woman before, this lady wasn’t even in front of me. She was on the other side of a phone line…

… and she spoke to me, right into my right ear, asking me if I was interested in working for her as a web designer.  I would be able to keep all my current “mainstream” customers, but would be required to be faithful to her and only her.

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In other words, I couldn’t take on any customers remotely connected to the adult industry, like adult live chat and phone sex in particular.

“I will provide you with all the content you require” she said and I knew I would be hers from then on! 🙂

It’s been nearly 10 years now since that call, and in this time, I have literally designed hundreds of websites showcasing and promoting her phone sex chats websites. And it’s been a lot of fun.

There is balancing act in having to “find the right combination between wetting the appetite just enough for the customers to call, but not so much that he won’t need us after reading and seeing what we offer ” she said.

The first time she told me this, I knew exactly what she meant. Her tone was sexy, sensual and flirty enough for me to want to hear more of what she had in mind.

Why Do So Many People Engage in Cheap Phone Sex Chats

Cheap Phone Sex Chats: As close to the real thing as you’ll ever get!

I must admit that before I designed my first adult website, I knew that lots of people were engaging in phone sex chat but didn’t really understand why it was so popular.  After all, I had tried it myself with some of one or two girlfriend and always found that we could never get past the initial “hello, what are you wearing today” before bursting into unbridled laughter, and so I was genuinely bemused that this was an industry that was raking in millions of dollars.

Of course that was before I got her phone call, heard her voice and fell in lust with … her. Calling a specialized live adult chat service is not like fooling around with your spouse or partner. It’s a difference between putting yourself behind the wheels of a Ferrari as opposed to getting a formula one driver drive you around.

A formula one driver will give you the ride of your life, but if you were driving her car yourself, you might not make it past the first curve before crashing that car into the side railing.  It’s that different.

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I have heard it said by some people that they would absolutely not pay for sex, and of course, you and I know this isn’t true at all. Any night out with your dating partner will likely cost up to 10 times more than what a cheap phone sex call will cost, and you might not even get past first base.

So if you’re lonely right now, do one think.  Pick up the phone and call.  You will be pleasantly surprised.

Why Is Live Adult Chat More Popular Than You Think

It’s been a recurrent theme.  It started when I accepted to develop live adult chat websites and I remember asking my wife if she had problems with it.  She didn’t think twice about telling me to do what I thought was best, but added that I should keep this for myself.

“If people ask you about your job, just tell them about your work with mainstream websites.  They don’t have to find out that you also design cheap phone sex sites.”

Hers was the typical “don’t ask don’t tell” kind of answer and I have been following her advice ever since.  Very few of my friends know that I help a very sexy phone sex owner with web development and job also involved  web promotion for her phone sex chat activities. 🙂

The interesting thing about this subject is that if you tell people about it, say you’re sitting with a group of friends and you let it be known that you do work in the adult industry, it is likely that most people within that group will feign shock and might even exhibit a tacit disapproval of the kind… “how can you work in such a perverted industry…”

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“Confess” this on a one in one basis, when it’s just you and one of them, of course you’ll get the expected response that they are shocked, but then, immediately after that, he, she’ll bombard you with question and in so many cases, you get the feeling that they are just a tad intrigued, and even turned on but that.

Such is the world we live in though.  People will often say what society expects of them, rather than what they really think.  It’s that politically correct thing, isn’t it?